In anticipation of increased demand for court use, and to minimise the possible gathering of players waiting to play, we have introduced an online booking system. Members are requested to use this form to make a booking before turning up to play.


Our online booking form can be found here:


Simply complete your name, email address and phone number, then choose the date and time you wish to play and click SUBMIT.


Playing times are in one hour slots, but allowing for a 10 minute gap between bookings to help maintain social distancing.


Should you wish to cancel or amend a booking, click 'Edit Submission' at the top of the confirmation email you've received. Your current booking will appear in blue at the bottom of the screen. To amend your booking, select the new date and time you wish to play and click SUBMIT. To cancel, click the cross on the right of the selection and then click SUBMIT. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm the change to your booking.


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